Katherine Chronis, Performance Artist

This isn’t a new item, being from February 2004.

Thanks to “Gaiarobin” at the SFbarearea group: Public Nakedness to Alter Minds and Create Art.

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Since August 2000 she has been working on The Get Naked Project, which involves both showing up naked in public throughout America and the series of photographs documenting these revealing appearances. Not only has she altered people’s concepts of sexuality, nudity and the borders between the public and private, but she has also exorcized many of her personal demons in the process.

Originally published June 11, 2006

World Naked Bike Ride

Alert! The official World Naked Bike Ride for 2005 is on Saturday, June 11.

Visit worldnakedbikeride.org for full information, including the location of the naked bike ride closest to you.

In case you’re not familiar with this event, it is a real, honest-to-gosh opportunity for you to go naked (if you wish) and demonstrate your support for naturism.

Even if you can’t participate personally, find out where the nearest ride is happening so you can go and show your support for the riders.

Originally published June 6, 2005