A dose of reality for politicians

One of the frustrations of living in a democracy is watching candidates get elected to public office then promptly forgetting how real people live. But at least in Canada, the process of door-to-door campaigning ought to teach some that real people don’t always wear clothes, or feel the need to.

Door-to-door campaigning full of nude surprises

In at least one riding, voter nudity overshadows ferocious dogs, slippery walks or long-winded residents as the greatest test of their composure.

“We are talking the full range of various states of undress, and the more startling thing is we get people right down to starkers,” says Richard Mahoney, a Liberal candidate making his second bid for the riding of Ottawa Centre, won by the NDP last time around.

But the sad thing is, the politicos just don’t seem to get the message. Instead of enjoying the opportunity to meet real people “in the flesh”, they seem to be uncomfortable with the experience.

Mahoney estimates he has seen at least 50 voters so far this campaign bare more than just their thoughts about his party and his political rivals.

He admits it’s sometimes a struggle to remain unflustered.

No wonder they do so many stupid things once they’re elected.

Originally posted December 26, 2005