The Same River Twice

Just posted: a review of a great new naturist-related DVD.

Here’s the summary:

In 1978 Robb Moss and a group of 16 other river-guide friends took themselves on a five-week (and very clothing-optional) river trip through the Grand Canyon. He brought with him a 16mm camera and made one of his first films, Riverdogs, to document the adventure. Many years later it occurred to Moss to revisit the lives of some of that company in a new documentary. The Same River Twice is the fascinating result.

Feel free to leave comments to this note about either the review or the DVD (if you’ve seen it or the earlier video version).

Originally published June 6, 2005

Introductory post

As far as I can see, there’s very little naturist blogging going on at the present time, so this is an experiment. It’s a work in progress. I’ll be posting various things to kick it off and (hopefully) provide useful information.

My intention is to open this blog to the naturist community in general for making original posts and commenting on existing posts. There will be many separate categories available to indicate the general nature of a post, and any post may be in more than one category.

If there’s anything you would like to contribute, or you have suggestions to make, send me an email (using the contact information at right) and tell me about it.

Originally published June 6, 2005