Follow-up: Strike Daytona Beach, FL from your travel plans

By all means, if you’re going to Florida, make it a point to visit the legally nude sections of Apollo and Playalinda beaches at Canaveral National Seashore. (But watch out for the space shuttle launch on July 13. Playalinda, which is just a few miles north of the launch site, is closed for several days around that time. Also, watch out for the really blood-thirsty local mosquitoes.)

However, by all means, do not plan to stay or spend money in Daytona Beach, just a few miles north of Apollo Beach. We would suggest spending time at Ormond Beach, just north of Daytona, or New Smyrna Beach, south of Daytona (and closer to Apollo). Most of the folks in Daytona are very nice, but there are a few nasty suckers in that town:

Topless woman arrested while protesting nudity law in Daytona

A stay-at-home mother was arrested when she exposed her breasts to protest laws that bar women from publicly going topless.

Elizabeth Book, of Ormond Beach, pulled down her top Saturday at a city auditorium, where she stood near four Grecian muse sculptures that are nude from the waist up.

Book, who had spread word of the protest days in advance, was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

It was just a few days ago we wrote that Book had won a legal case which affirmed she had the First Amendment right to bare her breasts. So much for public officials respecting the law and people’s free-speech rights.

Other references for this story: here, here.

Originally published July 6, 2005

Boobs, not bombs

Antiwar protesters go topless in Union Square [Link still valid!]

A dozen antiwar activists from Mendocino County took their tops off in San Francisco’s Union Square shopping district Thursday, using what they said was their best weapon to get the public’s attention

Pretty darn tame stuff… but at least they weren’t arrested.

Originally published July 3, 2005

The Great Nipple Hunt Continues

Amazing what you find reading the (more or less) mainstream online media. There are commentators out there, not part of the naturist world (as far as is known) who are willing to blow the whistle on America’s hysteria over female breasts.

What’s pathetic, though, is to read the comments from all the dimwits out there in America who disagree with Jeff Jarvis’ sensible attitude and try to rationalize their breast hysteria…

Originally published June 7, 2006