More about WNBR

The AP news story on WNBR pretty much mentioned only London and Madrid. Here are some alternate references:

Naked cyclists protest car use
Cyclists Ride Naked In London
Cyclists Ride Naked in London Protest
Naked European cyclists protest car use

Unfortunately, it’s typical sloppy MSM journalism. For one thing, the story can’t make up its mind about how many riders there were in London. It leads off mentioning “hundreds”, but then says “about 100”. In fact, the ride organizers have an accurate count. Since the ride started and ended at the Wellington Arch, it was easy to count participants both at the beginning and end. 210 were counted at the start — and 250 at the finish. Meaning that at least 40 joined en route.

But there’s no clear mention at all of WNBR rides in the U. S. It appears that Seattle and San Francisco both had reasonable turn-outs. Report from Seattle says 62-63 riders, despite an early finish due to inclement weather. About 60 riders were also reported in San Francisco.

And if this report from Portland, OR can be believed, there were 200 riders there.

Originally published June 14, 2005