Top 11 naked experiences

Brought to you by AOL’s city guides

Not all of these would appeal much to naturists, I think. Some are kind of offbeat, but it’s interesting that AOL would be promoting naked experiences. There’s information on what each experience is about, and when you can enjoy it. If you want to.

  1. Hollywood, CA – Naked sushi. Chow down on sushi artfully arranged on the body of a naked model.
  2. New York City, NY – The Naked Cowboy. Enjoy (if that’s the right word for it) the singing of a “cowboy” who performs in Times Square wearing only Fruit of the Loom briefs. At least he’s better looking than George Bush.
  3. Laguna Nigel, CA – Mooning Amtrak. It’s a tradition – the second Saturday in July anyone can come to the train station and moon the passing trains. Really!
  4. Seattle, WA – World Naked Bike Ride. Many other places too, in early June. One of the best naturist events of the year.
  5. Chicago, IL – Naked Boys Singing. A theatrical production, runs daily at least through January 2006.
  6. Los Angeles, CA – Human Body Project. Here’s your chance to have your naked self photographed for the sake of art. Wow.
  7. Key West, FL – Naked sunsets. Enjoy watching the sunset from the clothing-optional Garden of Eden rooftop bar. Live bands and bodypainting too.
  8. San Francisco, CA – Bare to Breakers. Join the annual Bay to Breakers run across the city in May, and naked’s OK. You can even walk if you prefer – running is optional.
  9. Dallas, TX – Naked yoga. Men only, but you don’t have to be gay. There’s naked yoga in various other places, too. Some even allow women, but maybe that’s too radical of an idea for Texas.
  10. New York City, NY – National Underwear Day. Must have been inspired by the “Naked Cowboy”. (See above.)
  11. Miami, FL – Haulover Beach. The real deal. Especially if you’re in South Florida but don’t care for bars. (See above.)

You can even vote for which of these appeals most to you. Unsurprisingly, Haulover Beach and the naked sunsets are just about tied for first. Revoltingly, the “naked” cowboy is third.

Originally posted September 13, 2005