World Naked Bike Ride 2005 photos

The San Francisco naked ride photos have just been put up — here.

Yes, it’s taken quite awhile — the ride was June 11. Only four months… but the organizer has done a really great job. There are separate albums from five different photographers and hundreds of pictures. (Does get a little repetitive after a while.)

This may be one of the best collections for WNBR 2005. If you want to check out the other cities, you’ll have to go to the main WNBR page and start looking yourself. Select a country, then a city. Most don’t have many photos, but there’s lots of other info. Many cities have their own discussion groups at Yahoo! or elsewhere.

Imagine doing this yourself next summer. Better yet, get involved, or organize a ride yourself. You can sign up for new cities at the pages for the appropriate country. If the city is already listed, just check back early next summer for further information, or join the discussion group. If you can’t find your country, you can be the first — sign up at the main page.

Originally published October 18, 2005