Hooping naked

Who would have thought there’s a Web site just for devotees of hula hooping? Well, there is: Hooping.org.

And what’s more, some of them (like Vera) enjoy hooping naked

I recently hooped naked for the first time. I was hanging out at Baker Beach with some friends and some hoops, and since Baker Beach is a nude beach, it made sense for us to hoop naked.

Besides the obvious feelings of freedom and unrestraint, naked hooping brings with it another benefit: the traction of the skin. When hooping with my knees, I was never very good at pushing the hoop back up to my hips with my thighs. But the traction of my naked skin made it very easy for me to wiggle the hoop up from my knees.

After the naked hooping practice it has been much easier for me to bring the hoop up from my knees, even with clothes on. The nudity has served as my training wheels.

Another naked hooping enthusiast (Sarah) says

Naked hooping (sometimes even naked fire-hooping) is a popular activity up at Hollyhock, a retreat centre on Cortes Island, BC, where the organization I work for holds workshops. We make up a big batch of hoops each time we’re there, and naked hooping under the stars inevitably follows the naked hot-tubbing. One of the first times I ever hooped was naked under a full moon… It’s so beautiful to watch your own naked shadow, cast by moonlight, swinging around a hulahoop!

Originally posted January 13, 2006


Urbanudismo, or Urban Nudism, is the name given by some — associated with the Urbanudismo website — to a new type of naturism. It appears to be associated mostly with Spain and Argentina. The following article discusses, briefly, its appearance in Buenos Aires.

Urbanudismo, el boom llegó a la ciudad de Buenos Aires

The article’s in Spanish. My understanding of the language is limited, but I’ll offer a rough translation anyhow.

Urban nudism, the boom reaches the city of Buenos Aires

Although some define it as an artistic phenomenon, people from Buenos Aires don’t stop being surprised by nudists who take off their clothes in public places

Urban nudists are a phenomenon that is growing in the city of Buenos Aires. It is a matter of people who decide to take off their clothes in public places.

Some prefer to consider it an artistic phenomenon.

Luizo Vega is one of the figures that most stands out for his capacity to generate live works, according to Diario Popular.

Buenos Aires also was the setting chosen by the photographer Spencer Tunick, who in 2002 brought together more than 500 nude people in the Obelisco.

The daring is also expressed by women. Inés Gilemmon decided to move nudist celebrations from closed locations to plazas and streets, with the sole objective to “provoke and generate strong reactions.”

For her part, Abril X (pictured) practices a political type of urban nudism, following the European example.

Originally posted January 8, 2006

Naked bungy jumping

Now that the Winter Solstice is past, Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching. Got plans yet?

How about naked bungy jumping in tandem with a really close friend? Or even on a first date….

It’s a Valentine’s weekend tradition at the Bungy Zone in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. This year, that’s February 11-12. So make your plans quickly… it’s only five weeks away. In years past, jumpers who go naked also go free (only on this weekend), so it can be a bargain, apart from travel costs.

As the company says,

You can bungee jump “classic style” or join the growing group of naked bungee jumpers that gather annually to “let it all hang out” as they bungee jump in the buff.

Think you’d be scared shitless to try this? Yeah, probably. But having this “ultimate adrenaline rush” appears to be the main point. And maybe the ultimate bonding experience as well. Of course, you could always just make the trip to Nanaimo to watch, and wait to see (and let lots of others see) whether you have the (ahem) balls to go through with it.

That’s what Seattle reporter Kristin Dizon did several years ago:

Free Falling! A stripped-down version of bungee jumping

Who knows what brought these jumpers to Nanaimo, a logging and fishing town of about 70,000 on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Overcoming fear, trying something new, exhibiting one’s body or perhaps some deeper existential search for meaning drew them to the Bungy Zone.

Kristin notes that not all couples who do the naked tandem thing are in a serious relationship:

Alison Behrner and Wade Anderson, both of Campbell River, B.C., are no exception. Fused together, chins nuzzled into shoulders, their arms tightly clasp each other for a tandem jump.

“Are we a couple?” Behrner, 28, ponders when asked. “I don’t know.”

“This is like our first date. We’re just getting to know each other,” Anderson, 25, chimes in.

But then, maybe the guy was just being flippant. Despite her reluctance, Kristin eventually allowed herself to be talked into stripping and jumping. Even so, it was anything but easy, and there was an audience:

Clad in nothing but hiking boots, I think of leaping feet first, but that seems so spineless. A minute ticks by, then another.

I don’t notice the people watching and wondering, will she or won’t she?

Clearly, Kristin (who jumped alone) lived to tell about it, with no injury other than the indignity of being fished out of the water and being released from the cord, where “Legs up in the air, I look like a baby during a diaper change.”

Here’s another report, from another year, by writer Kimberlee Jensen:

Naked tandem bungy jumping

For our first Valentine’s Day together, my partner and I wanted our celebration to truly reflect our relationship, so naked tandem bungy jumping sounded just right.

This is a popular event, so you may have to wait some time in line — about three hours Kimberlee reports. But the experience was romantic enough to make up for that:

As we spun upside-down we shared a thrilling kiss. While embraced he reached around and pinched my bottom. We were bare and it was there, so I hardly blame him. The jump was over within minutes, but we both wanted it to last longer.

Originally published January 7, 2006


More info:

Video: here

Still pictures: here

Prisoners of our society

There’s an article that’s the product of a high school class writing assignment, which is being discussed in various naturist/nudist forums. You may well have read, or at least read about, the article, by Reina Neves. Reina writes very well, but it still says a lot about the fascination of our culture with nudity that a high school essay was published in a local newspaper (Honolulu) and has received widespread attention (well, at least among naturists).

Feelings about nudity complicate our lives

When I read a Seventeen magazine article titled “I’m a nudist” written by “Kim,” an average girl describing her life as a nudist, it got me thinking about how people are raised.

Actually, the article about Kim (unless there’s more than one) wasn’t in Seventeen, but in CosmoGirl, and we wrote about it here.

But that’s a minor point. The more important point is that Reina is spot on to be thinking about “how people are raised” has much to do with their feelings about nudity. Reina goes on to say

Any child who was raised with a different point of view finds that it becomes a part of them. Kim was raised a nudist; therefore she understands it and is comfortable with it. The same goes for kids who are raised by prejudiced parents; they are more likely to be prejudiced themselves or at least tolerant of prejudiced attitudes.

I’m sure there were some people who read Kim’s story and didn’t agree with her lifestyle. They were probably raised conservatively or taught that nudity is taboo. In my family, my mom, sisters and I are pretty comfortable around each other nude, but we would never go nude in public or around my brother or other people. I guess it’s that way because my mom is somewhat liberal. It all depends on how a person is brought up.

As astute as Reina’s observations are, I think she’s missing something. She goes on to say

To me, I thought it was odd, but cool that Kim was so open. I think it’s pretty brave of her to tell her friends and her boyfriend something like that, knowing not everyone will accept and understand her lifestyle. I respect the fact that she doesn’t let society influence her lifestyle. I don’t think I could ever live like she does. I have been too influenced by society to change my mind.

As much as I’d like to be able to get my mindset out of that cycle, I don’t think it is possible for me. I think society twists certain subjects just for no good reason.

Notice the paradox introduced by the last sentence. Reina here recognizes that society has “no good reason” for how it twists certain subjects — presumably including nudity. And yet, in spite of this recognition, she doesn’t think it’s possible for her to change her mindset to one more like that of Kim, the nudist.

Huh? It’s as if she’s saying that once she’s attained the ripe old age of seventeen (which she is), it is no longer possible to adopt a freer mindset, even though she can see the appeal of it and the lack of good reason behind the conventional point of view.

Of course, most naturists can see this is wrong — since most naturists were raised in the same society as Reina, and in a non-naturist family besides. (Although naturism does come more easily for those without such handicaps.) Quite often naturists do not discover their fondness for nudity until they are past thirty or forty, perhaps much past.

The point is, a person’s opinions and proclivities are not cast immutably in concrete before adulthood. Fortunately. In fact, people can change these things at any time, before or after adulthood, even apparently fundamental aspects of one’s personality. Even though change is often not easy, it is possible. And one thing, especially, that makes it difficult is the mistaken belief that change is nearly impossible.

There are two primary influences on a person before adulthood — the person’s family and society as a whole (including one’s peer group and institutions such as school). Reina doesn’t clearly make this distinction, though she perceives that her family experience was perhaps more liberal than average.

However, the really interesting thing is that psychologists are moving away from the idea that parents and family have the largest influence on a growing child. Two other factors — genetics and social influences (peer group, especially) — are being recognized as significantly more important. Some investigators, such as Judith Rich Harris, think that parental influence is almost negligible.

That may be too extreme. Most people, I think, can identify at least some ways in which they were influenced by their parents. And the relative importance of different types of influence surely varies from person to person. But one thing that emerges from research is the clear importance, especially on teenagers, of the peer group.

Teens generally want to look like, talk like, act like, think like, and (especially) dress like their friends. And in matters of dress, provocative or risque clothing may be OK with most teens — but certainly not nudity. Case closed.

So I have to wonder whether Reina’s certainty that she couldn’t be a nudist has a lot more to do with her age than with her “fundamental” personality and her upbringing.

Actually, I think Reina’s a lot closer to being a naturist than she realizes. She is willing to think about nudity objectively, and not condemn it as “gross”, “disgusting”, “offensive”, “immoral”, or something of that sort. (“A long time ago, people could look at nudity as beauty in an aesthetic way. I look at nudity in that way if it is presented in a tasteful, artistic manner,” she says.)

There’s really only one thing between Reina and an acceptance of nudity for herself — fear, due to peer group attitudes.

Too many of us are like inmates of the insane asylum that is our society. Most are too afraid to even gaze out the window and ponder what the bigger world outside is like. A few are not.

Some lines from T. S. Eliot’s poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, occur to me. Prufrock is a meek, timid soul. Near the end of the poem, he says

Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

I do not think they will sing to me.

My advice: Reina, eat the peach! You’ll love it.

Originally published January 7, 2006

A dose of reality for politicians

One of the frustrations of living in a democracy is watching candidates get elected to public office then promptly forgetting how real people live. But at least in Canada, the process of door-to-door campaigning ought to teach some that real people don’t always wear clothes, or feel the need to.

Door-to-door campaigning full of nude surprises

In at least one riding, voter nudity overshadows ferocious dogs, slippery walks or long-winded residents as the greatest test of their composure.

“We are talking the full range of various states of undress, and the more startling thing is we get people right down to starkers,” says Richard Mahoney, a Liberal candidate making his second bid for the riding of Ottawa Centre, won by the NDP last time around.

But the sad thing is, the politicos just don’t seem to get the message. Instead of enjoying the opportunity to meet real people “in the flesh”, they seem to be uncomfortable with the experience.

Mahoney estimates he has seen at least 50 voters so far this campaign bare more than just their thoughts about his party and his political rivals.

He admits it’s sometimes a struggle to remain unflustered.

No wonder they do so many stupid things once they’re elected.

Originally posted December 26, 2005

Germans go naked into freezing lake for good health

Brrrrrr. I think I’ll pass on this. Do these folks have antifreeze in their veins?

Germans go naked into freezing lake for good health

BERLIN (Reuters) – Saying ice cold water is good for their health, a group of about 30 naked Germans jumped together into a Berlin lake for their annual Christmas swim on Sunday.

Wearing nothing but red Santa Claus caps, the naked men and women aged between 25 and 73 went cheerfully en masse into the Oranke Lake in northern Berlin, which had temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit).

“It feels great even if it’s not quite as cold this year as in the past,” said Kathrin Hornack after her five-minute swim. Last year the lake was colder and in previous years it was sometimes filled with chunks of ice.

“What more could we ask for?” she said. “The sun is shining and it’s a lovely day in the lake.”

Originally posted December 26, 2005

Canadian decision on “swinger clubs” may benefit naturists too

All too often, legal and governmental actions and decisions are nothing but ingenious new ways to limit personal freedom. But now, for once, there is good news.

At a time when governmental bodies in the U. S. are rushing headlong back to the dark ages, their counterparts in more reasonable and enlightened countries are catching up with the modern world.

Earlier this year, Canada fully legalized gay marriages. And now Canada’s Supreme Court has transformed the silly puritanical concept of “indecency” to something much more rational. As applied to standards for criminal behavior it will no longer mean “anything that prudes disapprove of”, but can apply only to behavior that causes actual harm.

Very sensibly, the majority decision stated:

Over time, courts increasingly came to recognize that morals and taste were subjective, arbitrary and unworkable in the criminal context and that a diverse society would function only with a generous measure of tolerance for minority mores and practices.

Although the decision applied in a case that involved swingers’ clubs, the same reasoning applies to nudist and naturist activities.


Court ruling could bring swingers out of the closet

Supreme Court opens door for ‘swingers’ clubs

Sex club ruling redefines ‘indecency’

Swingers clubs okay, top court rules

Court OKs Group Sex in ‘Swinger’ Clubs

Canadian court lifts ban on ‘swingers’ clubs

Originally published December 24, 2005

Miscellaneous links, 12/23/05

In recognition of the Winter Solstice Season, here’s a gift from the Naturist Place Blog to you — links to a variety of interesting pages about nudity and naturism. This is a very special time for naturists in the northern hemisphere, because the days now start getting longer (if not warmer), and we can look forward to the gradual return of our friend, the Sun — the source of life itself.

There will be more selections of miscellaneous links in the future, but for now, Happy Holidays!

[Note: “*” indicates the link is still valid, as of this update.]

How to Introduce a Friend to Naturism

Here are some great tips from the Federation of Canadian Naturists on how to turn your friends on to the pleasures of going naked.
* Naturist Guide to the Movies

ClothesFree International has prepared a very useful list of movies that contain scenes with non-sexual nudity. There’s a brief description of the movie, an indication of suitability for the whole family (i. e. whether there’s sex or violence as well as nudity), and still images from a few of the movies.
Bibliographie Naturiste

My friend Rouslan, who lives in France, has compiled an extensive list of books in many languages (mainly English, French, and German) that deal with nudity and naturism. It’s organized into categories, like children’s books, guides, essays, art, and health. The home page of this site is a directory of links to many sites in France and elsewhere outside the U. S. that should be of interest to people who like nudity.
The Offense of Public Nudity

Mark Storey offers a thoughtful essay that critiques the idea of public nudity as being “offensive”. It provides good arguments to use with people (such as public officials) who object to nudity in any public context (such as beaches) on the grounds that some people might be “offended”. The essay is located on the Body Freedom Collaborative site, which has a great deal of information about non-sexual public nudity in various forms.
Bare Bushwalking in Australia

This looks like a pretty comprehensive guide to nude hiking just about anywhere (within reason) in Australia. It includes news, opinions, and general information provided by an extensive list of nude bushwalkers. There’s a page of good advice for nude hikers anywhere, and a list of relevant external links.
* Nude Hiking in the Yukon & Alaska

Here’s another site for people who enjoy both nudity and hiking in the great outdoors. It includes a page of nude hiking etiquette and tips and a list of online sites that can help you find hiking partners. This main page contains lists of useful external links and books about nudity and naturism.
* Nudity in Ancient to Modern Cultures

This is a chapter from the book Therapy, Nudity & Joy: The Therapeutic Use of Nudity Through the Ages from Ancient Ritual to Modern Psychology by Aileen Goodson. It provides a quick historical overview of nudity in many societies and cultures from “primitive” ones, through ancient Egypt, Greece, and India. From there the focus narrows to China, Japan, and European cultures such as Wicca, early Christianity, the Victorian age, and 20th century naturism.

Originally posted December 23, 2005

Reminiscences of an art model

I like this essay for its humor and its relatively casual attitude towards nudity, even if Emily isn’t altogether sold on the idea…

Naked and the Dread – I pose nude for students. Will the art world ever be the same? By Emily Yoffe [Link still valid!]

Here is the distinction between naked and nude. Naked is when you step out of the shower before you’ve put on your bathrobe. Nude is when you drop your bathrobe in front of a roomful of art students. As I undid the sash to my bathrobe, I had the fleeting thought that I could say, “I don’t know what I was thinking,” then grab my clothes and run. But I opened the sash, took off my robe, and stepped up on the platform.

I stood there, suppressing a strong desire to giggle (fortunately, the students suppressed their giggles, too) as I tried to think of appropriate poses—something neither sultry nor stiff. I began doing yogalike twists, but with my being undressed and all, I was afraid it had the feeling of yoga porn.

Originally published December 20, 2005

The bare truth about naked beaches

The bare truth about naked beaches

It seems like everyone has a list of their Top 10 nude beaches. Well except for Forbes, which opted for topless being more tasteful. So without further ado, here are the naked truths about where to go and bare it all:

This is a nice, useful article on nude beaches, with only a little bit of sophomoric humor, some good general links, and several “top 10” nude beach lists:

But why on Earth did the source (in Canada) decide to publish this in the very depths of the northern hemisphere’s Winter Solstice season — when most of the beaches listed are likewise north of the equator?

Cruel and unusual punishment. Or were they just looking out the window and wishing, up there in Tronna?

Originally published December 20, 2005