New publisher of books on nudity

Great idea, eh?

Heureka Productions is now publishing three books on nudity:

  • Harvey – The Spirit of Lady Godiva
  • Jim Woycke – Au Naturel: The History of Nudism in Canada
  • Mark Storey, ed. – Theatre Au Naturel: A Collection of Naturist Plays

Harvey’s (he has a last name but doesn’t use it) book consists of striking photos of naked people in public places around North America. The pictures were staged and taken in a hit-and-run fashion, but you’d never know it from looking at them. They show what could be, if our culture ever came around to a sensible attitude towards nudity.

Each play in the collection of naturist plays features nudity in some way or other. The collection includes Tom Cushing’s classic nudist play “Barely Proper”. There are also some new plays from the “Nude Beach Trilogy”, which were performed at the Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival in 2003.

All the plays are short — the whole book is only 133 pages. Any naturist group might want to perform some of the plays for their own entertainment. It would be even more interesting if some of the plays were picked up by experimental or academic theater groups that really want to incite and inspire their audiences to “think different”.

Each of the books can be ordered directly from Heureka, or from Amazon.

Originally published July 8, 2005