Growing up naked

Just as foretold, there’s another article on naturism/nudism in a magazine for female teens this month — I’m a nudist! — in the current (October 2005) CosmoGirl.

This one is a first-person as-told-to “confession” type of story instead of a documentary. Kim Lowery tells us what it’s like to grow up in a family that never wears clothes at home. Evidently, Kim has no regrets at all.

My family — me, my parents, and my two older sisters — lived our lives completely naked. We ate dinner, watched TV, and did everything you’d normally do around the house in the buff. Generally, the only time we weren’t nude was when we were expecting guests.

Kim’s story is all happy and fuzzy-kitten upbeat, which is interesting since not all of the other “real life” stories in the same issue are. (One girl discovers she’s gay, and her parents haven’t yet accepted that. Another girl’s family got trapped in a Christian religious cult.)

Kim speaks about things most naturists know, like the way being naked loses its potential scariness when everyone else around is also naked. But there is one aspect of going through the teen years as a naturist that Kim describes and is a little surprising: At least in her experience, naturism wasn’t even much of a problem when she found a non-naturist boyfriend:

When I first met my boyfriend Adam this spring, I told him right away. I was relieved that he saw it as an important part of who I am and that he was willing to try it too.

People sometimes ask if there’s sexual tension between guys and girls when we’re naked in front of each other at the resort, and the truth is that there isn’t. No one is expecting anything because we’ve already seen it all.

It seems Kim has nothing negative to say about the naked conditions in which she grew up. Sounds too good to be true. But you know what? Some people really are lucky.

Originally posted September 15, 2005